Tacos Craft Beer & Tequila Adventure

Welcome to Nakawe Adventures, where we believe that every journey should be a delicious one. Prepare to tantalize your taste buds with our Tacos, Craft Beer, & Tequila Adventure!

We’re taking you on a food adventure like no other, and we mean it when we say that! Stroll through Mexico as we take you to the streets and vendors with the most iconic cuisine in the world. Our Tacos, Craft Beer & Tequila Adventure is a homage to Mexican culinary heritage where each bite tells a story.

Just imagine walking through busy markets where the smell of freshly cooked food fills your nose. With our expert guides, you will find hidden treasures and spots locals frequent. Every taco will make your mouth water; from traditional street food carne asada and al pastor to innovative varieties bursting with flavor crafted by passionate chefs.

But hold on tight because this Adventures Food doesn’t stop there! Quench your thirst by cracking open some of the most aromatic craft beers brewed. Every sip has flavors carefully curated to go hand-in-hand with Mexican cuisine. From light lagers to strong IPAs, you’ll discover an array of tastes from local breweries.

To top it all off, nothing says México more than tequila! Your senses will dance as we guide you through its intricate process of production before letting you savor the smooth yet complex flavors this iconic spirit holds. Blanco or añejo; Earthy or fruity — these are just a couple of instances of expressions crafted over centuries that will wake up traditions deep within you.

If any part of this adventure made your mouth water, then don’t hesitate to join us! We’re ready when you are to venture off-road and discover the true essence of Mexican cuisine one taco, beer, and tequila at a time.

Here at Nakawe Adventures, it’s our goal to create full-body experiences that stay long after they’re over. Hunger for knowledge, thirst for adventure, and prepare yourself to embark on a voyage of flavor beyond anything you could dream of. Book your Food Adventures now and let your tastebuds take control as we travel through the heart and soul of México.

Local Style Tequila Walking Adventure and Brunch

Nakawe Adventures believes every adventure should be as unique as you are. Get ready for a Food Adventure of a lifetime on our Local Style Tequila Walking Adventure and Brunch!

Not your average tasting experience, this is immersive Food Adventures deep into the heart of Mexican tradition. Where with each step you take, a discovery will unfold.

As our knowledgeable guides lead you through the charming streets of local neighborhoods, you’ll be able to smell the spirit of Mexico in the air. You’ll visit hidden gems and authentic tequila bars along the way. Each one with its own story to tell. From family-owned distilleries to historic cantinas, you’ll get an inside look at how tequila is made and its significance in Mexican culture.

But, that’s not all. After working up quite the appetite from walking around all day, it’s time for brunch! The best part about this Adventures Foodbrunch? It features traditional and contemporary Mexican dishes that melt in your mouth! Some examples include savory chilaquiles and fluffy huevos rancheros! Every bite will make your taste buds come alive!

Let’s not forget about what Mexico is most famous for. TEQUILA! Sip on premium tequilas that are perfectly paired with your brunch choices to take your dining experience to another level!

If you’re more experienced when it comes to Tequila Adventure, or if you just want to try something new, our experts will help guide you through this tasting journey.

So what are you waiting for? We promise that after raising a glass on our Local Style Tequila Walking Adventure and Brunch, you’ll never want to drink any other type of booze again.

At Nakawe Adventures, we’re committed to providing immersive Food Adventuresexperiences through travel. Book now before our spots fill up!