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Snorkeling & Paddle Boarding in Puerto Vallarta

Nakawe adventures

Snorkel & Paddleboard Adventure to Los Arcos National Park

Snorkel & Paddleboard Adventure to Los Arcos National Park

Embark on a Captivating Snorkeling and Paddle Boarding Journey in Puerto Vallarta

Join Nakawe Adventures for an unforgettable experience that combines two of the most sought-after water activities in Puerto Vallarta. Our Snorkel & Paddleboard Adventure to Los Arcos National Park is a signature excursion, offering a unique opportunity to explore the underwater marvels and stunning surface waters of Puerto Vallarta. This tour is a standout among Puerto Vallarta snorkeling tours, providing an unparalleled aquatic adventure.

Start Your Adventure at Playa Mismaloya

Your adventure begins at the beautiful Playa Mismaloya, located just a short distance from the vibrant heart of Puerto Vallarta. Here, our expert instructors will guide you through a comprehensive paddle boarding tutorial, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable experience for paddlers of all levels. This personalized instruction is part of what makes our tour a top choice for both beginners and experienced paddle boarders.

Paddle to the Enchanting Los Arcos National Park

As you set off from Mismaloya, paddle in hand, you’ll journey towards the iconic Los Arcos National Park. This paddle boarding experience is not just a transit but an integral part of the adventure, offering breathtaking views of the coastline and the chance to spot local wildlife. Los Arcos, renowned for its natural arch formations, provides a dramatic and beautiful setting for your paddle boarding adventure.

Snorkeling in the Crystal-Clear Waters of Los Arcos

Upon arrival at Los Arcos, the adventure continues underwater. Swap your paddle board for snorkeling gear and dive into the inviting waters of Puerto Vallarta. The marine life around Los Arcos is vibrant and diverse, making it a premier destination for snorkeling in Puerto Vallarta Mexico. Explore the thriving underwater world, home to a variety of fish, coral formations, and perhaps even sea turtles or dolphins.

Adventure Details:

Duration: 3 hours of immersive snorkeling and paddle boarding
Meeting Location: Playa Mismaloya, a picturesque beach south of Puerto Vallarta
Cost: Various options including stand-up paddle board, single kayak, and double kayak
Age: Suitable for ages 15+ on their own equipment, with special arrangements for younger participants
Inclusions: Bilingual Guide, Paddle Board, Refreshments, Snacks

Book Your Snorkeling and Paddle Boarding Adventure Today

Experience the best of Puerto Vallarta’s aquatic environment with Nakawe Adventures. Our Snorkel & Paddleboard Adventure to Los Arcos National Park is more than just a tour; it’s an opportunity to connect with the natural beauty of Puerto Vallarta. Book now and prepare for an adventure that combines the tranquility of paddle boarding with the excitement of snorkeling in one of Mexico’s most stunning locations.

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3 hours.

Meeting Location

Playa Mismaloya
48390 Mismaloya, Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, México.

Meeting time

Available Tuesday through Sunday at 9:00am, 4:30pm


Stand up paddle board $89.99 USD
Single kayak $77.99 USD
Double kayak $122.99 USD.

Adventure Inclusions

• Bilingual Guide.
• Paddle board and/or Kayak gear and equipment.


15+ on their own equipment.
Children and Minors Aged 5-14 are allowed if accompanied by guardian on the same equipment.