Nakawe guide to the best beaches to visit while vacationing in Puerto Vallarta!

1. Yelapa Beach

If you haven’t heard of this tiny beach haven in Puerto Vallarta, that’s a good thing… It has gone many years without the infiltration of modern high rise buildings, restaurant chains, or mass inundation of tourists. Some might say it’s one of the last authentic beach towns in Mexico and we agree so much it made it on our # 1 spot of beaches to visit while in Puerto Vallarta. Here are some cool reasons to visit Yelapa: You can only get there by boat, there are no restaurant chains, bars or hotels, the best fresh seafood with no inflated prices, a hot spot for Raicilla and Bob Dylan love’s to hang out here! 

2. Quimixto Beach

Quimixto has become increasingly popular in the last few years, in essence, it’s a pretty small laid back beach community south of Puerto Vallarta. Like Yelapa, Quimixto is only accessible by boat. The only beach South of Puerto Vallarta with a quite exposed beach break that has consistent surfing for all the wave lovers and for all the hiking lovers there is a short hiking trail to a nearby waterfall.

3. Colomitos Beach

Now this is one special beach…If you love easy hikes that will lead you to a beautiful hidden cove make sure you go to Colomitos beach South of Puerto Vallarta. There are many beaches you can visit in PV but what I love about this beach is the hike! It is basically the mouth of a river or delta forming into a beautiful crystal clear small hidden beach.

4. Playa Garza Blanca

This beach has been awarded the Blue Flag award for its 33 main characteristics, water quality, environmental management, safety etc. There are only a handful of beaches that have won this award around the Bay of Banderas. Garza Blanca beach has achieved this certification thanks to all the hard work of the local population, tourists and the government who contribute to the constant caring of this beach. 

5. Playa Las Gemelas

Las Gemelas beach translates in Spanish to ‘’The Twins’’. In fact they are 2 nearly identical beaches separated by a rocky outcrop. The beaches are known for its thick golden sand and crystal and emerald colored beaches, it is also bordered by jungle like vegetation which provides cool shade. Las Gemelas is located 20 minutes south of Puerto Vallarta on the highway to Mismaloya.

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